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About us

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Hon Hsing Athletic Club Founding documen


We live in a rapidly changing society and even the communities where which we live are changing before our eyes.  Wherever you go, technology, materialism and pop culture have over shadowed some of the more important, yet often forgotten things in life such as Duty, Honour and Tradition.  It is still a valid statement today that "In order to know your future, you must first understand your past".  The Hon Hsing Athletic Club of Vancouver venerates the past and is deeply proud of its long distinguished history of community service and of preserving and promoting Chinese culture and heritage which dates back over five thousand years.


The Hon Hsing Athletic Club of Vancouver is a volunteer organization and we are committed to passing Chinese culture and traditions on to the next generation of Canadian youth and in guiding them to become the leaders of tomorrow so that they may continue to contribute towards community and country.  Many of our club alumni have gone on to pursue successful careers in professional fields such as medicine, public office, marketing, business & commerce, pharmacy, law, and corporate finance.


In addition to our club’s regular curriculum of traditional physical activities, Hon Hsing students are also taught all aspects of Chinese culture, history and tradition and how these can still fit into today’s modern world.  But it isn't only all about culture and physical training, it's also about having serious fun! The memories and bonds of friendship that have been made at this special place over the past 80 years will last a lifetime.  


The Hon Hsing Athletic Club of Vancouver was officially founded in 1939 by the Wongs' Benevolent Association of Canada as a lion dance troupe for charitable fundraising during the second world war. In the eighty years since then, we have remained true to those roots and today through reputation alone we are now considered one of the lower mainland’s premiere Chinese Dragon and Lion Dance Troupes. We train under the strictest supervision ensuring safety first for all of our members, and as it was then as it is still today, Hon Hsing's successes are achieved through the dedication of an entire group of volunteers.  As one of Vancouver Chinatown’s oldest private fraternal clubs still in active service, we remain extremely proud of our relationship with our founder and main patron, the Wongs’ Benevolent Association of Canada, proud of our roots in Vancouver's Chinatown and proud of our continued dedication to Vancouver's Chinese community and in the participation in many worthy charitable causes.




Founding document creating the Hon Hsing Athletic Club Lion Dance Troupe for War Relief Fundraising (1939)

Opening ceremony of the Hon Hsing Athletic Club (Nov, 1939)

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