Sifu Peter Wong  黄碧海 師父
Club President & Chief Martial Arts Instructor
會長, 總教練



     As the Hon Hsing Athletic Club of Vancouver’s current President and Chief Martial Arts Instructor, Sifu Peter Wong (黄碧海師父) has dedicated over 50 years of service to Hon Hsing, to the Chinese community and in the instruction of the martial arts style, Choy Lee Fut (蔡李佛).


     Born in the area of Hoy Ping, Guangdong, China, Sifu Peter showed great patriotism at a very young age to the Chinese motherland and took a keen interest in Chinese martial arts after having grown up hearing the stories of legendary martial arts heroes such as Huo Yuanjia and Wong Fei Hung.  With the ensuing turbulence on the Chinese mainland caused by the Cultural Revolution during the mid-1960s, Sifu Peter and his family relocated to the safety of Hong Kong continuing his schooling in the British crown colony and participated in other activities which would enrich and deepen his appreciation for Chinese culture and traditions for the rest of his life.


    In 1967, Sifu Peter finally emigrated to Canada reuniting with relatives and continued on with his academic studies eventually graduating from Vancouver Technical Secondary.  It was also in that year when Sifu Peter began his formal martial arts training under renowned fifth generation Choy Lee Fut Grandmaster, Sifu Wong Ha.


    In the decades that followed, Sifu Peter would dedicatedly assist his teacher in spreading the knowledge of Choy Lee Fut to wherever there was interest and he would become a Sifu in his own right after only a few years under the tutelage of the Grandmaster.  From 1967 onwards, Sifu Peter would also become an important member of the Hon Hsing Athletic Club of Vancouver assisting Grandmaster Wong Ha in the instruction of its students and in helping the association carry out its community commitments.  In the 1970’s Sifu Peter would temporarily leave Hon Hsing to instruct hundreds of other students at various community centres and at other martial arts schools.  In 1985, Sifu Peter returned to his home roots of Hon Hsing to dedicate his time to the community and in teaching Choy Lee Fut to the hundreds of students who have come through the club’s door since then.  Many of his students have since gone on to become grand champion winners competing locally and in competitive tournaments around the world.  Many of these students have also become instructors in their own right with their own students thus ensuring that the Choy Lee Fut system is continually passed on to the next generation. 


    During Sifu Peter’s years of kung fu training, he has had the honour of being bestowed with numerous awards and accolades.  Some of his more recent high profile recognitions have been being appointed as an Honourary Co-Chairman of the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics Wushu/Kung Fu Division by the government of China.  In 2010, Sifu Peter proudly became the youngest recipient of the highest attainable “10th Degree Martial Arts Standing”, as awarded by the World Organization of Wushu kung Fu Masters in Hong Kong, China.