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Darren Jhong  張耀榮師傅 
Assistant Martial Arts, Dragon & Lion Dance 


   As the Hon Hsing Athletic Club of Vancouver’s third most senior student, Darren Jhong much like his cousins Ivan and Jason, has also dedicated a decade of his life in service to the club and to the local Chinese community. 


   Darren enrolled in 2006 out of curiosity on the referral of an existing senior member and he has never regretted that first day.  Having no prior experience with martial arts nor with lion dancing, Hon Hsing was a nervous experience at first but Darren quickly adapted to Hon Hsing’s traditional club culture.  Just like many of his school friends, Darren had no prior knowledge nor any understanding of his Chinese culture, but he was willing to learn. Over the next few years, Darren would develop a great interest in his heritage, and Chinese culture would somehow be incorporated into his daily lifestyle.  It was mainly due to his Dai Si-Hing’s influence on Chinese culture and traditions that Darren really took to heart, which was a major factor in him eventually becoming one of the club’s top 3 students.  Unlike his two outgoing cousins, Darren was a relatively reserve and shy type of guy.  Hon Hsing helped him build character and confidence and the club gave him the determination needed to significantly improve himself.  As a result, Darren worked hard during practices to impress his Sifu, Dai Si-Hing and his fellow club mates and quickly advanced up the club’s ranks.  This character building also carried over into Darren’s school life and it helped him to find the confidence needed to excel in his academics and in other social surroundings.  Darren credits Hon Hsing and his Dai Si-Hing for making him into the man he is today and he holds his club family very dear to his heart.


   After several years of training and learning at Hon Hsing, Darren was now determined to spread his love of Chinese culture, martial arts and lion dance to his other school friends. Due to his efforts, the club grew three times it's size and it's still growing!  These new members also became fascinated with Hon Hsing's traditional curriculum and are very happy to have so much fun learning there. After a brief period of adjustment, they have also come to share the same love for the club as Darren does.  


   In December, 2013, Hon Hsing’s Board of Directors officially recognized Darren’s dedication and to his advanced skill level by awarding him with the club’s personal embroidered “Master’s Black Sash” which is reserved solely for Hon Hsing’s top students and with the right to be referred to as ‘Si-Hing’ (師兄) or 'elder brother' by the club’s junior students.


   Darren takes his club responsibilities seriously as one of its official Assistant Martial Arts and Lion Dance instructors and enjoys seeing the friendly inter-club competition.  However, he is also determined to see the club's junior members improve their own skills.  


   In 2016, Darren graduated from Vancouver Technical Secondary and has attained a university degree in Computer Sciences at the University of British Columbia.

   On March 5th, 2017 in a solemn ceremony held during the club's Spring Festival celebration and witnessed by all of our members, family and friends, Darren Jhong was promoted to: "Hon Hsing's Black Sash with Red & Golden Dragon, 漢升體育會黑色同紅金龍腰帶 (第二最高級, 2nd level) - the second highest attainable level for students of Hon Hsing.

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