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Raymond Ng  伍耀明師傅    
Senior Martial Arts Instructor


    As the Hon Hsing Athletic Club of Vancouver’s official Senior Assistant Martial Arts Instructor, Raymond Ng has the important responsibility of assisting Sifu Peter Wong in teaching martial arts to Hon Hsing’s students.


    Raymond began his volunteering service in the Chinese community in 1984 at the Lee’s Society of Canada where he would also later meet Danny Quon.  Inspired by martial arts action stars such as Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan and Jet Li, it encouraged Ray to train hard in kung fu.  Over time as he would be given more responsibility during class, he would eventually shed his shy exterior to become a true youth leader.  As Raymond continued to learn and sharpen his Choy Lee Fut skills under two different Sifus at the Lee’s Society, he learned the important skill of ‘enduring patience’ while teaching the club’s younger students whose patience was not necessarily always focused on kung fu!  But nevertheless, Raymond carried out his responsibilities with dedication and taught countless young students the fundamental basics of Choy Lee Fut.  In 1994, Raymond would eventually leave the Lee’s Society with one of his Sifus where they would continue to train at the reknown Wong Ha Athletic Club under the direct tutelage of 5th Generation Grandmaster Wong Ha himself.  Raymond continued his training at Grandmaster’s club and continued to teach students at the school until 1996.  It was in that year at the urging of Danny Quon and other friends, that Raymond permanently enrolled into the Hon Hsing Athletic Club of Vancouver and continued his CLF training under Sifu Peter Wong. 


    From 1996 onwards, Raymond diligently trained in martial arts but he soon began to realize that Hon Hsing was far more different than his two previous schools.  Namely, that Hon Hsing was not just another typical ‘kung fu club’ but that it was indeed regarded as a second family among its members.  It is at Hon Hsing where Raymond would make lifelong friendships and where he would begin to fully understand what community commitment, dedication, responsibility and leadership was all about.  In 2007, Raymond was equally moved by his Dai Si-Hing’s increasing commitment to help the Chinese community and he began to assist him in continuing to pass down time honoured Chinese traditions and culture to Hon Hsing’s next generation.  As a result, he developed a new found respect for his own culture and heritage and an understanding of the many hardships that early Chinese pioneers endured so that we as Chinese-Canadian youth could have a better life today.

    Along with the club’s other senior members, Raymond hopes to continue the hard work still left to do at Hon Hsing and by also passing down his own life’s lessons and the martial arts philosophies from all of his previous instructors down to the next generation.  In Raymond’s opinion, the Hon Hsing Athletic Club of Vancouver is simply put, ‘a family’ with strong bonds and those bonds will stand the test of time.

    In addition to martial arts and Chinese culture, Raymond’s other passions also include professional photography, computer gaming, volunteering at the BC Children’s Hospital and at the Variety Club.  Raymond is currently a senior manager at London Drugs.

    On December 20th, 2018, through a solemn ceremony witnessed by all of our club's members, Raymond Ng was awarded an honourary black sash to commemorate his many years of dedicated service to the local Chinese community and to the Hon Hsing Athletic Club of Vancouver - 'Hon Hsing's Black Sash with Preying Tiger'. 

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