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Ivan Chong  張育仁師傅   

Senior Assistant Martial Arts, Dragon & Lion Dance Instructor




   As the Hon Hsing Athletic Club of Vancouver’s most senior and current top student and senior assistant instructor in martial arts and dragon & lion dance, Ivan Chong has dedicated the past 10 years of his life in service to the club and to the local Chinese community. 


   Ivan first enrolled into Hon Hsing along with his younger brother Jason, in the summer of 2007.  Like most youth his age, who are mainly preoccupied with modern hobbies such as playing video games, etc., Ivan hardly had any knowledge about his Chinese heritage, culture nor about its traditions and at first dreaded coming to weekly practice in Chinatown.  However after a short while, Ivan began to develop a genuine admiration for the people at Hon Hsing and for what they were doing for the community and for the preservation of Chinese culture and traditions.  As a result, he continued to diligently come to class and was very interested to learn more about Chinese culture from his Dai Si-Hing.  In the following years, Ivan would credit Hon Hsing and his DSH in making him the man he is today and Ivan would come to regard his fellow club brothers as his true second family.


   From 2008 to present day, Ivan would excel beyond his own expectations at martial arts and especially in Chinese dragon and lion dancing.  Driven by a personal passion to become the best, Ivan dedicated himself to the training of Choy Lee Fut and in Chinese dragon and lion dance and through his impressive kung fu demonstrations and for his unique and creative approach towards lion dancing, he quickly moved up the club’s ranks to become Hon Hsing’s undisputed top student. Ivan is equally passionate about his dedication to the Chinese community through Hon Hsing’s charitable activities of which he gives his free time whole heartedly.


   In December, 2011, Hon Hsing’s Board of Directors officially recognized Ivan’s dedication and his extraordinary skill level by awarding him with the club’s very first personally embroidered “Master’s Black Sash” which is reserved solely for Hon Hsing’s top students and with the right to be referred to as ‘Si-Hing’ (師兄) or 'elder brother' by the club’s junior students.  Today, Ivan enjoys the deep respect from both the junior and senior members of Hon Hsing and the club's board of directors.


   In addition to his responsibilities as the club’s Senior Martial Arts and Lion Dance Instructor, Ivan has also attained a degree in Business studies & Marketing at Simon Fraser University.

  On March 5th, 2017 in a solemn ceremony held during the club's Spring Festival celebration witnessed by all of our members, family and friends, Ivan Chong was promoted to: "Hon Hsing's Black Sash with Pure Golden Dragon, 漢升體育會黑色同清金龍腰帶 (最高級 1st level) - the highest attainable level for a student of Hon Hsing.


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